Real Bliss – A jet set kind of love

Wonderland Wedding
Today we want to spotlight Peter & Ashley, one of our jet set couples who celebrate life and love through travel! Read on and be inspired by their love story and their beautiful winter wedding in Telluride, Colorado.
Ashley & Peter had a unique and intimate wedding in February 2014 in Telluride.  Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel planned every last detail of this magical wedding, from the travel plans for all the guests, to the linens on the table! As the guests gathered on the terrace, equipped with butler served hot cocoa, blankets and heaters, we cued the snow and Ashley walked down the aisle to her beaming husband! (Okay, we didn’t actually cue the snow but it did start snowing right at that moment!)
Bliss has handled travel all over the world for this awesome couple! From their engagement ski trip in Vermont to Alaska, Tahoe, Napa Valley, Colorado, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and diving throughout French Polynesia.
Here are some words from Ashley on how all this magic began:
“I met Peter at work. I just started working at the hospital. Peter showed up late to a meeting. He totally lit up the room! When he finally found his place at the head of the meeting table, our eyes met and the rest is history!” When asked what her favorite thing about Peter is, Ashley said, “So many things! He is so easy going and always joking. He has such a great personality – so much life and excitement! He’s contagious! He’s everything I wish was more of!”
Their love story took a turn toward forever when Peter proposed while skiing on the top of the mountain at Stowe! They discovered their love of skiing together after taking their first ski trip for the first anniversary of dating. When deciding on a destination for their wedding, Ashley thought, “I wish we could just go ski somewhere we have never been, invite our friends and just have an awesome time!”

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Napa


Stomping Grapes in Napa Valley

Ashley’s favorite memory from their wedding was “Not having to stress about anything…If I had been worried or concerned about the wedding, or dinners, or rentals, or food or anything going into those 5 days, I would not have enjoyed skiing with my husband and friends, dinners, the wedding and reception, photo shoots…just everything! My favorite moment though, was being so excited to see him at the end of the aisle that I had to kiss him right when I got to the end of the aisle…actually twice! The whole event was so wonderful. It really was a great experience through and through. Our wedding was better than what I could have imagined.  Bliss by LCT literally handled every detail – all the ones we thought of and the many that we didn’t!”
Bliss Designer, Laura with Ashley & Peter

Bliss Designer, Laura with Ashley & Peter

Why Bliss? “Hassle free luxury travel and planning – weddings to vacations. It is complete and total peace of mind leading to what is always an unforgettable and amazing experience. And the owner of LCT rocks! Laura knows her stuff and has an incredible personality! You’ll want to hang out with her when she’s not planning your incredible adventures. She always, always goes above and beyond!”
Peter & Ashley
 So where will you find your bliss? Let us help you design a honeymoon or romantic trip that will create memories and moments that will last until the end of time!