The Honeymoon Uncommon

Morocco Austria, Argentina, UK, Fiji, Spain

Morocco Austria, Argentina, UK, Fiji, Spain

Looking for something totally different for your honeymoon? The Honeymoon Designers at Bliss by LCT can give you options and destinations you probably never considered before. Lately, they are finding that couples want something different….they’ve done the all-inclusive resort, now they want an experience of a lifetime to start their lives together.

Laura, lead designer and Founder of Bliss by LCT offers a peek into some of her top choices for a romantic getaway that is sure to thrill your soul and satisfy your wanderlust.

One of our specialties here at Bliss is to uniquely design each and every honeymoon after we really get to know our couples. We think of each honeymoon as a blank canvas….we don’t pick up our paintbrush until we’ve studied our subject and pulled out the things they dream of when they envision their trip. When the masterpiece is done, a tailored itinerary emerges and our couples embark upon a one-of-a-kind “first trip” as husband and wife.

This list is by no means exhaustive…get Laura talking about out of the box travel ideas and destinations and you’ll be in for a long and colorful story! Hidden treasures, exotic destinations, little known deserted islands, hideouts in fortified cities, and destinations brimming with culture and life is what you’ll find on this list.

Mysterious Marrakech
If you’re looking for an exotic and mysterious location, then Marrakech is your oyster. The Marrakech Medina is the old city where you’ll find endless winding narrow streets, souks or shops selling all kinds of goods, ancient mosques and more. The Djemaa El-Fna is the largest and busiest night market and square in the world, full of snake charmers, music, mischievous monkeys, acrobats, and street food. On the other hand, Gueliz is Marrakech’s new district where modern shopping and restaurants are found.

Take in the Austrian countryside
If you’re thinking of driving through southern France, then consider Austria as a less typical honeymoon adventure. Indeed, the hills are alive here and there’s something picturesque, charming, and untouched about so much of Austria’s countryside that can’t be said of France. Visit quaint towns like Hallstatt, set amid snow-capped mountains or discover music and classical culture in Salzburg.

Get passionate in Buenos Aires, Argentina
When it comes to passion – the kind of passion you should have on your honeymoon—Buenos Aires is the place that comes to mind. Sensual tangos and riveting salsas are only part of the landscape in Buenos Aires where you can wander along pedestrian-only streets, enjoy the true meaning of nightlife or go for a short jaunt to Tigre for a boat ride down the Lujan River.

Castle and B+B hopping in the UK
Hop around in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland and go back in time to the days of Henry the VIII. The original destination for countryside guesthouses and bed and breakfasts, this kind of honeymoon is great for couples looking for a peaceful countryside pace, traditional English-style breakfasts, and all the tea and scones you could consume. Visit the hundreds of castles, abbeys, and historical sites from Northumberland and Cumbria in England to Pembrokeshire in Wales or Edinburgh in Scotland.

Stay in above-water cabanas on Turtle Island, Fiji
Discover Turtle Island in Fiji for the meaning of secluded and exclusive paradise unparalleled, even next to Bora Bora. With accommodations for only fourteen couples at any given time, the aim of Turtle Island Resort is to give couples an experience of a liftime. For the ultimate in luxury, romance, and relaxation, Turtle Island is a true once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Beachside San Sebastian
La Playa de la Concha is known as one of the best beaches in Spain and Europe, situated in the heart of San Sebastian’s bustling city. You can step off of your surfboard to stroll down historic cobble-stoned streets towards historic churches. It’s a great spot for surfers, Europeans on vacation and food-lovers who flock to dine at Mugaritz and Arzak, two of the top restaurants in the world. Be sure to make time to visit nearby Bilbao for a day at the Guggenheim Museum.