Get your BLISS on!

Get your Bliss On!

It’s Friday and it’s time to get your BLISS on! While searching for “happiness quotes” we came across this awesome article at  It’s a summary of the worlds happiest countries!!! What’s the secret?

The happiest of countries — many of which are in Scandinavia according the latest World Happiness Report — have a combination of higher life expectancy, social support, generosity, freedom to make life choices and lower perceptions of corruption. By analyzing happiness data, officials hope to improve the world’s social, economic and environmental well-being.

Maybe if you travel to happy countries with an open mind and a loving heart, you can pick up on that Danish spirit of “hygge,” which is sometimes translated too simply as the Danish need for “coziness.” It’s really a more complex sense of intimacy, community and contentment that generally happens with friends and family. Lest you doubt the Danes and their hygge, remember they live in the happiest country in the world.


5. Sweden – get your share of Swedish Bliss – visit Stockholm’s medieval past and stroll through the city’s Royal National City Park, the world’s first urban national park.  Or for a more peaceful attempt at happiness in Sweden, why not book a paddling trip through Western Sweden? Kosterhavet Marine National Park on the Bohuslän coast is an ideal spot for exploration, and the park can be reached from several towns along the coast.

4. Netherlands – The tulip — the happiest and most iconic of Dutch flowers — will start to bloom at the Keukenhof gardens, which opens March 20 for Holland’s spring season and you can see the flowers in their full glory through mid-May. For an active view of the tulips, take a bike tour through Holland’s flower growing region.

3.  Switzerland – The Swiss town of Zermatt and the 200 miles of ski slopes in the region will delight any avid skier. And serious hikers will enjoy the famous Matterhorn. Even in summer the slopes welcome some of the world’s national ski teams to train — and you, on your relaxing vacation.  For a quieter Switzerland experience, head to the car-free village of Appenzell (population 7,000) and its extensive network of hiking trails. Take a warm whey bath and nibble a piece of Alpine cheese.

2. Norway – Dining in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo will make any foodie smile with joy. Oslo is celebrating the esteemed Michelin food guide awarding six stars among five restaurants in the city in March of this year.

1. Denmark –Denmark came in first place as the happiest country in the world in the 2013 happiness report and one of the happiest places in Denmark must surely be Tivoli Gardens. One of the world’s oldest amusement parks, Tivoli Gardens will reopens in April for the summer season.  To really capture that Danish sense of hygge, we recommend you dine in a Danish home. The “Dine with the Danes” organization matches tourists with Danish families all over the country for a home-cooked dinner. Count on candlelight — almost a requirement for that special “hygge” experience.

To see more than the top 5 happiest countries, read the whole article at

If you’re ready to plan your “escape to bliss” – let us know.  We’re here, ready to create the magic.