You deserve Bliss


At Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel, one of the things we love to remind our clients is “You deserve it!”. We’re not trying to feed into a sense of entitlement or selfishness…we’re speaking to the part of you that never gets to breathe. The part that spends most of the hours in a day working, planning, confirming, detailing, etc. Life is busy. When it comes to your vacation, whether it be your honeymoon, a milestone celebration or just a getaway, why should it be anything less than perfect? You deserve the break. And the break should be amazing. Period.

So, we approach each individual vacation as an artist would approach a blank canvas. Our travel design team starts with an empty canvas upon which a unique adventure begins to take shape. With imaginative thought and a tailored design, an elaborate picture is painted highlighting the itinerary’s detail, and colored with an individual twist that only a true travel design expert could bring about.

We take the time to get to know our clients. We like to know their favorite foods, wines, things to do, their “always wanted to’s” and most of all their individual vision about how their travel adventure will be. After truly getting a feel for our clients, we approach the canvas and begin to “paint”.

Ultimately, the final design is as unique as each person is…there are no two travel designs that are identical at Bliss. Our passion, creativity and love of individuality is what fuels our every day!

If you’ve planned a first trip as Mr. & Mrs., a celebratory trip or simply a respite from the norm, why shouldn’t it be absolute perfection? You deserve it.

At Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel, our clients are part of an elite circle of those who have been referred to our service by another discerning and deserving travel. When your precious vacation time is concerned, you deserve all you’ve dreamed of. You’ve earned it.