Chasing Delicious

Does your wanderlust have you chasing delicious?

Does your wanderlust have you chasing delicious?

Until recently, food & wine travel, otherwise known as “Culinary Travel”, was not very common. Rather, it seemed to be something that you only saw on television as you followed correspondents who ate and drank their way through local cultures around the globe. In the past, the concept of culinary travel was certainly not considered as couples plan their honeymoons…..until recently!

At Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel, we have found that Culinary and Honeymoon travel are the fusion of passions! Our team finds that designing romantic escapes for the epicurious, has become almost a daily experience! The trend towards up close, participatory culinary travel and romantic, couples cooking classes and dining experiences, has become one of the fastest-growing in the travel industry today!

Wine and food has risen to the top of the deciding factors of travelers choosing their destination for their vacations. The culinary travel experience includes everything from visiting food and wine festivals, strolling through local farmers markets, sampling artisan products or beer and cheese tasting! But almost always, these delicious adventures include hands-on experience cooking alongside top chefs.

Recently, Laura Hildenbrandt, founder of Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel, customized a culinary vacation for a couple from Charlotte, who wanted a delicious honeymoon! They knew they wanted Italy, amazing food, cultural experiences, incredible wine, history and culture all wrapped into one unique Italian vacation. They also wanted food to be a springboard for romance. A tall order, a delicious order. Laura went to work to create the ultimate experience for her discerning clients, one that would entice them with all their senses and create incredible memories to last a lifetime.

The result was an 8 night experience that fused cuisine, culture and romance! Visiting Tuscany and Cinque Terre, they lived like the locals in the Ligurian hills tasting local wines and olive oils and learned to make pasta the traditional way in Chianti. When they were not chasing delicious, they took time to take in the sites and history of Italy. Hiking along the coastal paths of Cinque Terre, biking atop the walls of Lucca and learning about the life and works of Michelangelo were just a few of the highlights.

Are you hungry for something different when its time for vacation or your next romantic escape? Our incredibly knowledgeable and connected team can customize a food and wine trip to any destination around the world. Because of their partnership with the Food Network and Bon Appetit, the travel professionals at Luxury Concierge Travel / BlissbyLCT are able to immerse you in the culture of your destination, tailor exclusive experiences and create a delicious trip with memories to last a lifetime!